For Our One Term Prime Minister

Joe Hockey is a flunkey
a real flunkey is he
he’s oh so proud of himself
like a little bumble bee.

He is fat, round and striped
with colours yellow and black
lately he has grown a black heart
and he was always yellow from the start.

They called Tony Abbot a monk
and the Mad Monk he purports to be
however he’s not even a friar
he is only a really good liar.

I saw through him years ago
he’s always had it in for the young
and now that he’s gone and done it
he will be well and truly sprung.

They won’t get away with it
placing ideology above reason
let’s move, stop them and their game
and surely hang them by next season.

Copyright Sandra Roe

2 thoughts on “For Our One Term Prime Minister

  1. Hi Sandy, I love the poem. My sentiments exactly. I glimpsed you from the car tonight as I drove to the park with Harley. You were near the bowling club. Did you recognise us?. I couldn’t stop until I reached the park and unfortunately by that time, you would have walked up to the corner intersection, so I did not run after you. I would love to have caught up with you though. Do let me know when you are next walking to the park and I will walk with you. Did you go to see the birds? I sent a plea to the City and received very encouraging reply. In fact, they acted promptly and I think both the birds nest hollow, plus the tree has been saved. I will attach the story I have written for the S/Gazette, plus images to an email to you tomorrow. How about coming and having a coffee/tea with me next Wednesday at 3pm? Would love your company. How are you feeling this week? Lesley was asking after you when I saw her in the park on Monday. She sends you her warmest regards. I send you mine too. I think of you often. Be well, Sandy. Suex _____


    • Hi Sue. No, I didn’t see you yesterday. If I had seen you I would have stopped and waved. Sorry to have missed you and Harley. I have managed a short walk twice this week around the little park next to the Rotary building. Up until now, I have felt too ill to do more than a short walk around the block. Today I hope to go again at 5 pm, so I will stop by your place on the way a little after 5 pm. I am really thrilled that you like the poem. It was enormous fun and very satisfying to write it. Victor says he will send it on to his friends in the ALP here in Perth. I hope they get a giggle out of it. And yes, let’s catch up next week, Wednesday at 3 pm. See you later.


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