Let’s go to London
stay near Victoria Station
walk along the Mall
from Buckingham Palace
past Clarence House
through Admiralty Arch
to Trafalgar Square
where four bronze lions
guard Nelson’s Column
and the fountains play
before the National Gallery.

Let’s do the Strand
and the Courtauld Gallery
see Van Gogh’s bandaged ear
and the Bar at the Folies-Bergere.

Let’s walk Westminster Bridge
from Big Ben south to Lambeth
County Hall and the London Eye.

Go round the South Bank
past the National Theatre
and those birch trees
near the Tate Modern.

Cross the Millenium Bridge
from Bankside to London City
with a clear view of Saint Paul’s
and its English Baroque style
sitting atop Ludgate Hill.

Go on down Fleet Street
to Waterloo
and catch the red bus
back to Victoria.


Copyright      Sandra Roe



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