Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event at Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia.  In 2016 seventy sculptures by leading and emerging artists were displayed on the white sand and grassed terraces under the shady Norfolk pines, in view of the Indian Ocean’s clear blue waters.  The horse sculpture “Boxed”, featured in this poem, was made by Harrie Fasher from Oberon in New South Wales.


Stand still
see the horse
See the sea
through the horse.
Steel rod lines
a drawing in space
sensing movement.
Walk around the horse
it seems to move.
The equestrian athlete
was injured
when her horse
fell on her
and died.
Stopped from competing
she turned to painting
and found sculpting.
Cutting, grinding, bending, welding
steel rods into place.
Revising by cutting away parts
rebuilding the lines
with new steel rods.


Copyright   Sandra Roe


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