Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia.  For 2016 Lithuanian sculptor Zelvinas Kempinas entered his work, Kakashi (the Japanese word for Scarecrow).  He was joint recipient (with Suzie Bleach and Andrew Townsend for the sculpture, A Burden) of the EY People’s Choice Award.

Two hundred snow poles
red and yellow.
Curving parallel lines
in deep drilled holes
secured by concrete.
Precise position
sides matching
poles vertical.
Strips of bird repellent tape
tautly stretched
between poles
thirteen feet high.
Red yellow canopy
billows shimmers
infinity from
sun and wind.
Wind on skin
shishing  tapes
pushing waves
as they sink SSSHHEW
into sea’s edge.
Feet sink into sand.
Corellas call from
Norfolk pines
on grassed terraces.
Sun is hot, bright
and infinite.

©  Sandra Roe

Apollo and Daphne

From the Hotel del Corso
through the Piazza del Poppolo
up into the Villa Borghese
with its umbrella pines and squirrels
and then the Galleria Borghese
each step brings me closer
to an astonishment of the ages.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
has carved Daphne’s alarm
into marble.
Pursued by Apollo
stretching out
she is trying to flee
becoming a tree
hands fingers are leafy
bark is creeping up
and around.
A swirling encounter
flying bodies
struck still in marble
together forever apart.
It’s distant, it’s a myth
Cupid’s mischief
not possible
and yet
Daphne’s alarm
is alive and
I stand gripped for a long age

Copyright Sandra Roe