For Our One Term Prime Minister

Joe Hockey is a flunkey
a real flunkey is he
he’s oh so proud of himself
like a little bumble bee.

He is fat, round and striped
with colours yellow and black
lately he has grown a black heart
and he was always yellow from the start.

They called Tony Abbot a monk
and the Mad Monk he purports to be
however he’s not even a friar
he is only a really good liar.

I saw through him years ago
he’s always had it in for the young
and now that he’s gone and done it
he will be well and truly sprung.

They won’t get away with it
placing ideology above reason
let’s move, stop them and their game
and surely hang them by next season.

Copyright Sandra Roe

On Election Day

Let’s give worms the vote
blind but smart
they’ve been digging holes
longer than we have.
Let’s give elephants the vote
their wisdom comes in huge doses
hear their say on ivory.
Let’s give dogs the vote
loyal and obedient
tails held high
dogs don’t lie.
Let’s give spiders the vote
their webs don’t cover our eyes.
Let’s give honeyeaters the vote
upbeat and swift
they don’t disappoint.
Let’s give magpies the vote
their songs and joy raise the day
and promise more.


Copyright  Sandra Roe