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Steven’s in Rio
he’s cut his finger
there’s blood everywhere
and the Oh Nos and Ouches
come from
Belfast Brisbane
Illinois Ipswich
and me in Sydney

Lesley’s in Perth
she’s got gastro
and Oh Nos and Get Wells
come from Oregon
and Canberra
and from me in Sydney

It’s Andrea’s birthday
she’s out for dinner
in Rockingham
with Debbie and Didi
and the Happy Birthdays
and best wishes
come from Melbourne
and Mildura
and me in Sydney

Marlish in Perth
wants to chuck writing
for a life of crime
better hours
and a gang of friends
and the I’m Ins and Me Toos
come from
New Zealand Melbourne
and Perth
with ideas of cattle rustling
stealing Belgian chocolate
and crystal meth
but the best one
let’s steal a good red
and drink it
comes from
me in Sydney.

Copyright     Sandra Roe