Willy Wagtail

Little legs moving
on pool’s edge
back and forth
dipping his feet
for a moment
dip then scamper
sip then scamper
he glints his eyes at me
suddenly a different turn
he races to the water’s edge
throws himself in
not right in
just the very top
his tiny black wings
fluff the water up
and underneath
his white chest
sparkling droplets
he retreats
two seconds
and alights
on the surface again
and after his splashy bath
he soars and curves
over the brick wall


Copyright    Sandra Roe

2 thoughts on “Willy Wagtail

  1. I absolutely love your poem, Sandy. Sadly, Hate to cast a shadow on it but as I passed the gate of your neighbour with the cats around 5.45pm last night I found one of the cats had with a dead little Willy Wagtail on their driveway. I was so upset. The partner WW was there understandably very agitated. Cats can be so cruel. I have sent the parrot story to the Gazette with my two images and your lovely one with the two birds -one looking out of the hollow. I have asked that if they use yours to credit you with the photograph. Sadly we won’t get paid for our labour, but if we do manage to draw attention to the trees and save both the birds and the trees, we will have at least achieved something.

    How did the Editors meeting go? Thanks for the details. I will join Bill and I up to the Society and definitely try to get to the next one. Such a pity Bill could not make Satima’s talk. He would have learned much from her. Hope you are feeling well today. I look forward to catching up with you shortly, Sue



    • Oh no. Those cats are such effing horrors. I hate what they do to wildlife. Those darling little creatures do not deserve such treatment. We should have no cats or dogs in this country, just marsupials everywhere. I hate what white settlement has done to this country’s environment and wildlife.
      The editors meeting was really good. Satima gave a good talk, and there will be a write up in the next editors newsletter. I will forward it on to you so you can read about it. The discussion was good, and I put in my two cents’ worth! And I was able to give a bit of information about marketing to one of the participants there.
      I am thrilled that you like the poem. This bird encounter happened when I was in Wesley College pool. I was entranced. It was just a few feet away from me. I am not sure that I described in the poem the way these birds dance. I have got it scampering, but they also dance, they flit up into the air all of a sudden. I might add a few words to it, but then I might not.


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