Silver Linings

Bark up the wrong tree
find more than you know.
Start a screaming match
fill your lungs.
Become a commie
see its wrongs
find the light.
Pick a fight with a thug
a lesson you won’t forget.
Marry the wrong one
get it right next time.
Take a wrong turn
get completely lost
find your dream home.
Get the numbers wrong
play with them again.
Get the ingredients wrong
create a new dish.
Spell it wrong
coin a new word.
Hit the wrong key
update your skills.
Looking stupid
goof off
make them all laugh.
Use wrong tactics
choose another ploy.
Lie and be exposed
buy some new clothes.
Get the wrong impression
have another look.
Make the wrong impression
get a new look.
Be misled
find your own mind.
Give yourself away
pull yourself together.
Put your foot wrong
fall over
find it down there.
Start on a false note
end on the right one.
Pick yourself up
dust yourself off
clear away the stumbling blocks
you will find the way.

Copyright Sandra Roe

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