Peel the sleep
pull the blinds
button up
pull on your pants
put on your face
comb your hair
and wipe your bum.
Turn on the tap
wash your hands
butter your toast
and cut your lunch.
Brush your teeth
and make a list.
Grab your keys
start the car
grab the wheel
give the finger
and blow your horn.
Lock the car
open the door
boot the drive
turn on the kettle
make the tea
sort out the mail
answer the phone
count the cash
and file your nails.
Pull your finger
crack the eggs
and tick off the list.
Turn off the lights
grab the wheel
and come in the drive.
Cut the veg
hack the chook
slice the meat
and turn on the oven.
Pop your cork
and snap your fingers
the day’s work is done.

Copyright Sandra Roe

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