How to Feed Pink and Grey Galahs

Find them in the local park
by the road side or
wherever they are in your neighbourhood.
Gently call out to them
your address
where you live.
Be specific
they know the way.
They will follow you home.
One evening about a dozen
at the front of your house
or in your backyard
sit and look at you
check you out.
Put out some seed
and tell them
yes, this is the place.
They will do this twice.
They will return
very soon
sit on your letterbox
or on the pillars of your gate
eating your seed.
Listen out for them
every day.
They will sit in your tree
and squeak.


Copyright Sandra Roe

2 thoughts on “How to Feed Pink and Grey Galahs

  1. Well done Sandy! You have excelled yet again. I love it. You have the magic touch when it comes to birds (and poetry) . Wish I could coax a few parrots into my garden. BTW Are you selling any of your bird images? Are they on a website? Good luck with your doctor’s appt tomorrow. Let me know how you get on. Trust you are feeling a bit better now. Cheers, Sue



    • Thanks Sue. Yours is the first comment I have received on this blog, so it’s rather exciting! I am sure you could coax some parrots into your garden if you follow the instructions in the poem. No, I haven’t gotten around to selling my photos on any website, as all my efforts have been going into the poems, and I have decided to use my photos in my blogs anyway, which makes them freely available. My appt is on Friday, and I will let you know what happens.


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