Elephants in Tuscany

I bought an elephant
in Pienza
a ceramic
made in Orvieto
yellow face
indigo ears
light blue body and
orange legs

I bought an elephant
in Orvieto
a ceramic with
blue face
blue ears
light blue body and
yellow legs

I bought an elephant
in Chianciano Terme
after drinking a Black Russian
with Elana
a ceramic
white body with
pink flowers
on its back

I bought two elephants
in Montalcino
blue glass
they are waving their tiny trunks

I bought three elephants
in Chiusi
the old town
mock silver bodies
and brown faces
they are running along the shelf

I bought an elephant
in Florence
in a paper specialty shop
tiny size
large price
too round a body
for an elephant
but it is an elephant
no mistaking it
the most elegant of them all

Elana bought an elephant
in Chiusi
the old town
cream face
golden ears
and green pants
she gave it to me
it’s sitting in the middle of them all


Copyright Sandra Roe

3 thoughts on “Elephants in Tuscany

  1. Just beautiful, Sandy. I love it. You must show me the elephants when I come to your house next. They sound charming. What wonderful memories you have of your holidays in Italy. Thank you for sharing them. It brings such enjoyment to others. How did your doctor’s appt. go on Tuesday? Hope you have an enjoyable, painfree day today. I am bogged down in work this week, but I am certainly looking forward to our lunch with Lesley next Tuesday. Be well, Suex



  2. Thanks Sue. Yes, I love this poem too. And yes, we had a load of fun in Italy, and my elephants spark lovely memories. My doctor’s appt is tomorrow, and I will let you know what happens.


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