A Decision

They say a bushfire kills
with radiant heat
and smoke inhalation.
This one followed a
catastrophic fire warning.
Lightning sparked fires
at Grass Patch, Scaddan and Salmon Gums.
To save his chestnut horse Cougar
from the advancing flames
burning embers flying
at 140 kilometres an hour
Tom from Sheffield
loaded the animal in the float
and went through the farm gate
with two other farm workers
Anna from Norway and
Julia from Germany
and on to the Coolgardie Esperance Highway.
It was thought they had time
to escape.
But he turned left
rather than right
and drove into the raging flames.
The truck and horse float
were found later
tipped over and burnt out.
The farmhouse was saved
but lost a cat and geese
a shearing shed
vegetable garden and
bits of gear.
The horse paddock
was untouched by fire.


Copyright Sandra Roe

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