How to Build a Road

Get out your plan
and draw a line
from Kwinana Freeway
through the wetlands
to Stock Road.
You will build this road
come hell or low water and
whatever the future of the port will be.
After all
the PM loves roads
only roads
not rail
and Barnett knows best.

Hammer the houses
trash the bushland
boot out the bandicoots
scatter the birds
they don’t drive trucks
they don’t even vote.

Rip out the flora
shatter the silence
sink the pylons
scuttle Roe Swamp
it’s only a sumpland.
String up your bright lights
to show the way.
The frogs won’t really mind.

Don’t plan too far
no worries
about the problems ahead
those bottlenecks
past High Street
something will come up
she’ll be right.
After all
the PM loves roads
only roads
not rail
and Barnett knows best.

2 thoughts on “How to Build a Road

  1. Hi Sandy, you are a winner. The poem is fantastic. Well done!. So thrilled to hear the West has finally come good and recognised talent. Wonderful news that you are having your photo taken in the wetland tomorrow. You have written a strong article and it deserves publishing. Your ancestor would be proud of you and I hear all the wildlife in the wetlands (doomed without your assistance) applauding you. I will follow up your article with a letter to the West praising your initiative and backing up your comments. Best of luck. Let me know how the photo shoot goes. Cheers,Sue _____


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