The View from Mount Eliza


The view from Mount Eliza
distant range of hills
Ridges north east
river flowing south west
into Perth water
shoals and sand spits
black swans white pelicans
Mounts Bay circle of water.
The river Narrows
Point Lewis almost meeting
Point Belches on south peninsula.
River widens into Melville Water estuary.
Marri and Jarrah trees
cover the land.
Kangaroos quiet thump
marsupials rustle
birds frogs insects.


The view from Mount Eliza
distant range of hills
The low dusty township
laid over the ridges
Perth street grid
dominated by Mount Eliza.
Boats on Perth Water
main transport.
Shenton’s Mill
on peninsula south.


The view from Mount Eliza
in Kings Park.
Distant range of hills
Low modern city on the ridges.
Some river has been reclaimed
water’s edge shifted south
of city ridges.
The Narrows is bridged.
Mounts Bay sand mass
awaits freeway loops.
Road line crosses the Narrows
moving south
along penisnula edge
past the Old Mills.


The view from Mount Eliza
distant range of hills
Shiny glass steel city
soars on the ridges.
Sail boats ferries cross
the blue river.
Freeway loops covered
with trees lakes cycle paths.
Road lines move north south
over the Narrows
past the Old Mill
behind the wire fence
on south peninsula tip.
Clear view
spectacular city risen
traffic roar ascends.

Copyright Sandra Roe

2 thoughts on “The View from Mount Eliza

  1. Dear Sandy, this is your BEST POEM EVER. It is sensational. You are a true star!! Well done. How are you today? Still feeling well I trust and managing to keep dry and warm on this very wet, wild and windy day. Did you get to the Cygnet yesterday to see the movie? Trust if you went, that you enjoyed it. Cheers, Sue



    • Sue, I am so happy that you like the poem. It’s not too bad. I guess I am getting fussy as I go along, thinking that it could be better (although I don’t know how). I am over the initial response of thinking to myself, wow I can do it. I gess that all comes with being a poet. I have received the usual good response from the young Pakistanis, and they haven’t even seen this view! This particular poem was a long time coming. I thought of the idea ages ago, when I first started writing poems. Now I have done it! It all started to flow after doing quite a lot of research in the South Perth library’s local history collection. Perhaps I have achieved what I intended i.e give the reader some idea of that lovely view, even if they have never seen it.

      Yes, Victor and I went to see Jersey Boys. We both enjoyed it, so thank you very much for the tickets! Regardss,Sandy.


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